About Us - Action $75 Drain Cleaning, St. Louis, MO

Our Drain Cleaning Company offers you the highest level of expertise with extensive experience cleaning out St. Louis County residential sewer systems plumbing infrastructure as well as cleaning commercial drains, our drain cleaning experts are ready 24 hours per day to respond to your drain cleaning emergencies.


Action $75 Drain Cleaning was created to offer a higher level of sewer rooter service at a price that is unmatched by the big out of state companies that advertise on T.V. our service and price matches the customer's needs with the majority of our drain cleaning service going to returning customers when their tree roots overgrow their drains.

Photo: Cleaned main sewer line from stack in the basement, removed lots roots that were growing in the sewer line. Recommend annual drain cleaning to help prevent common tree roots from causing more damage to the sewer line.

Who owns Action $75 Dollar Drain Cleaning LLC - St. Louis MO.?

Our business is St. Louis owned and operated by (3) Saint Louis, Missouri Born Brothers who attended Pattonville High School. We understand family and pride of ownership, we take your home and emergency drain issues very seriously as if they were our own and will always respond and reply with urgency while respecting your time and the condition of your home or business. Our drain cleaning equipment is the finest in our industry, always clean and up to par, we always come prepared and get your drains flowing as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We are well known as the Lowest Priced Professional 24 hour Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service in St. Louis Missouri. Most companies won't even offer a price over the phone for their service we always offer upfront and clear pricing.


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